“As part of our re-branding process, Vanessa was a full and energetic partner as we quickly developed strategies for rolling the news out to our school community. She was responsive, astute, and creative as we told that story through video. I can’t imagine having gone through the process without her calm and inspired guidance.

This year our school has more fully developed its social media and video outreach and Vanessa has been an amazing collaborator. Whether we were making video shorts for social media or longer videos for our web site, she was a fabulous listener and took us through a great process that resulted in a final product. Her knack for capturing what’s unique about Headwaters is uncanny.”

Ted Graf | Head of School, Headwaters School, Austin

“Since 2006, Vanessa has worked with Heart Gallery NYC, a 501 c (3) non profit organization, dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of youth in foster care and the homeless by utilizing the art of photography to raise awareness of and advocate for their needs.

Her work is always on point, on time and on budget. I can only say wonderful things about Vanessa. Not only is she extremely talented and has always delivered, but she is a passionate artist who takes pride in delivering quality work.”

Laurie Sherman Graff | Executive Director, Heart Gallery NYC

“Vanessa is a storyteller. She has the unique ability to find the pithy parts of any conversation and create a compelling story that draws you in. Whether it’s shooting, editing or organizing, Vanessa is creative, professional and fun to work with.”

Sharon Miller | Fire Studios | Skin is Skin

“As a member of the board of directors of the Eddie Adams Workshop, I had the pleasure of working with Vanessa while she was lead producer. Her attention to details, her organizing skills with 100 young students from all over the world, (not to mention her ability to herd a bunch of cranky, veteran photographers and picture editors), was awe-inspiring.

The four-day event (which took her months to organize and fundraise) is simply the best of its kind for aspiring photojournalists. She made it smooth despite weather, transport and occasionally, plumbing issues.

In addition, she took time to create videos that captured the mood and spirit of the sprawling farm in Jeffersonville, N.Y., where the workshop took place. Her story-telling in the videos provided a beautiful and lasting memory. Eddie Adams, the Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist, found her to be indispensable. The rest of us admired her vision, determination and humor.”

Steve Fine | Former Director of Photography, Sports Illustrated

“We had the pleasure of working with Vanessa Reiser (and her team) to create an educational video on a group of rare inborn errors of metabolism, Cerebral Creatine Deficiency Syndromes. We had a very short amount of time to capture the audience, help them understand 3 different disorders, have messaging around what symptoms to look for, how to diagnose, how to treat, and the importance of newborn screening. Vanessa was professional, creative, and most importantly, took the time to become an expert on a very complicated subject.

With over 15 hours of footage to go through, she worked to have a good idea of what needed to be said, and that the messaging conveyed our goals.  She was sensitive to our families and their children, and displayed an immense amount of caring. She was easy to work with, flexible, and full of good ideas that we are so appreciative of. We now have a video that is receiving incredible feedback, and will certainly make a difference in educating Health Care Practitioners around the world.”

Kim Tuminello | Co-Founder and Director of Advocacy, Association for Creatine Deficiencies