Kim Tuminello

“We now have a video that is receiving incredible feedback, and will certainly make a difference in educating Health Care Practitioners around the world.”

Steve Fine

“Her story-telling in the videos provided a beautiful and lasting memory. Eddie Adams, the Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist, found her to be indispensable. The rest of us admired her vision, determination and humor.”

Ted Graf

“She was responsive, astute, and creative as we told [our] story through video. I can’t imagine having gone through the process without her calm and inspired guidance.”

Sharon Miller

“Whether it’s shooting, editing or organizing, Vanessa is creative, professional and fun to work with.”

Laurie Sherman Graff

“I can only say wonderful things about Vanessa. Not only is she extremely talented and has always delivered, but she is a passionate artist who takes pride in delivering quality work.”